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Clubtimiser solves the challenges

Clubtimiser solves the challenges in your pipeline management, account management and capacity management of products. At the same time Clubtimiser is seamlessly integrated with your ERP system, keeping the invoicing and financial management there.

Making every sponsorship count

Clubtimiser makes it easy for the sales department to get an overview of the club’s sponsors. Each Account manager have full control of his own accounts making it effortless to see the – duration of a sponsorship, time to re-sign, generate a quotation, make new sponsorship agreements.

Remove the spreadsheets and free up time to connect with new Sponsors.

It´s all about Exposure

No matter how complex your media mix is -let Clubtimiser handle all sales and logistics of your sponsor exposure and get a complete overview of all the media in one place.

Clubtimiser manages events from invitations, registrations, catering, etc. optimizing your logistics and reduces your costs significantly.

This is how Clubtimiser optimises your business

Ticket management

Clubtimiser can easily be integrated to any given ticket system used by your club, thereby giving you a complete overview of the number of sold and allocated tickets to every match. This allows you to plan for last minute campaigns and sell more tickets to the match.

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Financial management

Regardless of which type of ERP system that your club uses, it´s always possible to integrate Clubtimiser. Keeping your invoicing and financial management as it is and just add much more flexibility and valuable reporting.

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Sponsor management

Eliminate your “spread sheet CRM”. Clubtimiser helps you to keep track of your sponsor agreements and lets you know when to renew them. This means more time for engaging with new sponsors and creating great sponsorships.

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Products – 100% Sold Out

Exposure via fixed boards or LED boards is all handled by Clubtimiser in an easy and complete overview. This leaves you in full control of what is sold and what you still can offer your sponsors. This is 100% sold out!

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Registration – Work Smarter

Clubtimiser makes it effortless for your event staff to gain overview of registrations. The information is always shared and available to everyone in one complete system.

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Events – Reducing Cost and Complexity

Handling sponsor pre-game events is a complex logistical task. With Clubtimiser you are in control of your logistics, thereby reducing your cost.

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Your sponsors are your business partners as well. Clubtimiser enables you to register and share valuable information about your sponsors, thereby being able to offer them an even better service.

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Portal – Making life Easier for your Sponsors

The Clubtimiser sponsor portal is made to make life easier for your sponsors.

The portal makes it possible for the sponsor to order tickets for each match. At the same time this information enables your event staff to understand if the sponsors are using their sponsorships.

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Marketing – Activating your Sponsors

Get valuable insight about your sponsors and activated them, the way they want.

It’s all about having active and happy sponsors that feels connected to your club.

Marketing actions like newsletters, sponsor mails and statistics are automatically handled directly from Clubtimiser, making sure everyone feels connected.

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Resource Managament – Make the Most of your Resources

Clubtimiser helps your staff to gain a better overview of their resource management. This means better decision making on where to make the most of your resources. Effectively and Efficiently managing your resources is not only about time and money but also about making room for thinking in new and better ways.

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