Create structure and control your value chain with Clubtimiser

Clubtimiser is an industry specific overall CRM solution for professional sports clubs. It is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and helps solving challenges and “pains” experienced by sports clubs regarding value chain management such as pipeline management, account management, capacity management of products, an overview of sponsorships, event management, etc.

Clubtimiser can easily be integrated with the ERP system, keeping the invoicing and financial management there.

Overview of sponsors

Clubtimiser makes it easy for the sales department to get an overview of the club’s sponsors. The individual account manager will have the opportunity to control his own accounts and to see the duration of a sponsorship and when it is time to re-sign.

Furthermore, the account manager can by only a few clicks generate a quotation as well as a new sponsorship agreement directly from Clubtimiser, which can be sent to the sponsor. Clubtimiser will reduce administrative tasks and remove the many spreadsheets, freeing up resources for the sales staff to sell more.

Exposure quite simply

Sports clubs sell sponsor exposure i.e. via fixed boards or LED boards in all sports arenas. These are not conventional products as they cannot be bought, produced or stocked. They can only be sold once per time interval and will provide countless combinations, which the ERP system finds hard to handle. Moving the handling to Clubtimiser will provide a complete overview.

Clubtimiser can also manage events and the challenges connected such as invitations, registrations, catering, etc. In this way, logistics will be optimised and costs will be reduced significantly.

This is how Clubtimiser optimises your business

Ticket management

Clubtimiser can easily be integrated to any given ticket system used by your club, thereby giving you a complete overview of the number of sold and allocated tickets to every match.

Financial management

Regardless of which type of ERP system that your sports club uses, it is possible to integrate Clubtimiser to that system, keeping the invoicing and financial management there.

Sponsor management

Eliminate your “spread sheet CRM”. Clubtimiser helps your sports club to keep track of your sponsor agreements and tells you when to renew them. This means more time for signing new sponsors.


Exposure via fixed boards or LED boards are not conventional products. They can only be sold once per time interval and will provide countless combinations. Moving the handling to Clubtimiser will provide a complete overview.


Clubtimiser makes it simple for your sports club’s event staff to gain overview of registrations. The information will be shared and available to everyone in one complete system.


Handling sponsor pre-game events can often be a complex logistical task. With Clubtimiser your are 100% in control of your logistics when ordering e.g. catering, thereby reducing your costs.


Your sponsors are your business partners as well. Clubtimiser enables you to register and share valuable information about your sponsors, thereby being able to offer them an even better service.


With Clubtimiser portal it is simple for your sponsors to log on to a portal and order the exact amount of tickets for each match. This information will be visible to your event staff directly in the system.


Send out newsletters to your sponsors and get valuable insight into their preferences. All marketing like e.g. mails, statistics are handled directly from Clubtimiser, thereby automating your marketing processes.

Resource Managament

Clubtimiser helps your staff to gain a better overview their resource management. It means better decision making on where to make the most of your resources.

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