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The Clubtimiser CRM & Analytics solution is built on the solid, stable and user-friendly Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform. With this solution sports clubs will get access to a platform that ensures simplicity, flexibility and security.

One of the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in combination with the Clubtimiser CRM & Analytics solution, is that the sports club will get a complete CRM platform to control and manage all relevant client, contact and sales data as well as a very visible and efficient management of all activities.

The Clubtimiser CRM & Analytics solution provides a full integration to existing tools such as Outlook and the Microsoft Office suite, which gives full access to managing all contact points between the club and its clients/sponsors. This includes emails, phone calls, meetings, documents and SoMe contacts, and all these are added and structured in Clubtimiser CRM & Analytics, accessible for all relevant personnel and functions at the club.

Clubtimiser CRM & Analytics is also including an integrated document management function, which ensures that all documents are saved into and retrievable from the correct and relevant archives in the system. This is very important when managing contracts and agreements and it supports an effective and secure administration.

Clubtimiser CRM & Analytics is built as a modular system with modules being installed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM standard platform. Each of the modules addresses specific business needs within professional football clubs, including sales, internal and external coordination tasks, marketing, external communication, finance and reporting. The system is also offering an enhanced “self-service” feature for sponsors, which ensures an efficient and easy sponsor communication regarding matches and events.

The Clubtimiser modules can be implemented successively, and the content, structure and benefits of the modules are described in the following.

Clubtimiser Module Features:

Basic Module (Clubtimiser Essential)

The Basic Module provides the functionality to support the entire sales-flow and to ensure that valuable information and knowledge is shared within the organization. The module also manages all historic data which is key for all users when the overview of the status on all sponsorships is needed. It also provides access to relevant documents and client/sponsor contacts.

When new sales opportunities are created, the users can choose the relevant options regarding contract periods and configure these with products and product packages. The sponsorships can be priced individually or based on a standard pricing structure with the option of adding discount matrixes. There is an option of selecting between new contracts/clients and extending existing contracts, and direct sales and match related sales can be added.

The sales reviews and ongoing follow up processes regarding the sales is managed via the pipeline-management feature, which automatically provides an overview of all current sales opportunities and future repeatable contract opportunities. Data is presented both in visual dashboards including graphs and in traditional row format.

Match Management Module (Clubtimiser Match Management)

The Match Management Module keeps track of all the home and away matches of the season, including international matches.

For each match the actual number of lounges and sky-boxes is created with predefined capacity. Sponsorships that include season passes and advertising will automatically be allocated to the matches, and a full and efficient overview is always available.

The module is also used for allocating pool tickets and vouchers, and the status on these is also managed here. At the same time the module is used for lounge and table allocation, and templates for printable place cards is included.

Match related products like specific match sponsorships is also managed by the module which provides an always updated overview of sold and available products for each match.

The module can easily be upgraded to the Match Management LED module, which includes the allocation of the LED capacity and playlists for each match. The module provides an efficient management of the LED capacity as well as an always updated overview of unsold capacity.

Task Management Module (Clubtimiser Task Management)

The Task Management Module is used for managing all internal administrative task related to delivering the products and services to the sponsors including administrative tasks related to the matches.

After a sponsorship has been agreed with a sponsor, all relevant tasks will be allocated to the people and functions responsible for the deliveries. This includes tasks for production and mounting of the perimeter advertisements, ticket allocation, print jobs, sponsor information, issuing invitations, arranging catering, coordination of volunteers etc.

All standard and repeatable tasks will be created in the system including information of responsible people and deadlines – and this will be connected to all the matches. All the tasks can be integrated with mail and task management in Outlook, so that the tasks can allocated, postponed, cancelled and concluded, and the match coordinator will always have a full and updated status off all tasks at hand.

Stock and Capacity Management Module (Clubtimiser Stock/Capacity Management)

This module provides the sales organisation with an overview of sold and unsold capacity as well as an always updated status on sold products – both for the season and for every single match.

The module ensures that already allocated products are not sold and allocated again, and equally importantly an overview of sponsorship cross- and upsell opportunities is created. The Stock and Capacity Management Module is covering all products, including LED, perimeter advertising placement and structure and specific match sponsorships, and for these an overview of sold, re-sold and pipeline is created.

Sponsor Portal (Clubtimiser Sponsor Portal)

The Sponsor Portal ensures that the sponsors maximise their return on investment and their benefits of the sponsorships, and the efficiency of the communication with the sponsors is significantly improved.

The Sponsor Portal is a web portal, which is created with the visual identity (logo, graphics, colours etc.) of the club, and it will be experienced as a professional digital entrance for sponsors.

The portal enables the sponsors to book VIP and lounge access themselves via the self-service interface, and the sponsors will always have an updated overview of previous registrations and of the status of any pool tickets and vouchers. The sponsors can also register for events, that are defined and created in the Events module.

The module provides a significant decrease of the administrative burdens, since the communication with the sponsors is aligned, uniform and stream-lined, and the sponsors will experience a very high level of service quality.

Event Module (Clubtimiser Event Management)

The Events Module is used for managing sponsor activities, which are not directly linked to the matches. This will typically be travel arrangements, VIP arrangements or golf tournaments, but the module is also used for managing the business clubs and business networks of the club.

The module provides an efficient overview of invitations and registrations, and it is a valuable tool to avoid incorrect double registrations and unnecessary follow up actions on already sent invitations.

The Events Module is fully integrated with Outlook, which means that invitations can be followed up by actual calendar invitations, which the delegates can use for automatic updating of their own electronic calendars. This increases the delegates focus and attention of the events and the number of no-shows will be at a minimum.

Campaign Management Module (Clubtimiser Campaign Management)

The Campaign Management Module includes many important and valuable functionalities for optimising the mail correspondence to the sponsors.

Automatic mailing-lists for information to specific and named target groups among the sponsors can be created, for example to all “Gold-Sponsors”, all “Pool ticket holders” or all “Golf enthusiasts”.

The module is also used for sending out newsletters and if needed it can be integrated with existing email-providers like MailChimp or Clickdimensions.

In relation to matches and events the module delivers efficient and time-saving functionalities, because all manual processes like contact info, new sponsor information and cancelled sponsorship sponsors are handled automatically, and only criteria relevant recipients will be included on the mailing lists.

Finance Module (Clubtimiser Finance)

The Finance Module ensures that club always have a full and updated overview of the sponsor related finance status, accrued income and sponsorship related cash- flow.

Based on the sponsorship sales and the setup of the invoice flows, the system will generate data for both cash-flow information and a status of accrued income for the period desired. It can also generate order drafts, which can be integrated to the finance system of the club.

Reporting Module (Clubtimiser Reporting)

The Reporting Module provides a deep insight into the information in the system, and the insight can be presented in traditional reports or via visual dashboards.

The module is built on Microsoft Power BI and generates data from both standard CRM and from the Clubtimiser modules. The standard configuration includes the following report categories:

  • Team performance dashboard and Weekly Win dashboards
  • Sales versus Budget dashboards
  • Progress in accrued income divided into sales person, product groups and sales types
  • Graphical overview of capacity, sold and unsold products in the stadium
  • Analysis of re-signed sponsor contracts divided into sales persons
  • Sales dashboard providing information of performance per sales person

All reports can be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel.

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